According to the strategic plan of development of Erdenet Mining Corporation SOE for the years 2010-2015 /until 2020/, approved by the 43rd Board Session, Erdenet Mining Corporation SOE has set the tasks: to improve the equipment of the plant, to extend the ore processing capacity up to 35 million tons per a year, to reduce cost of unit product, to produce a final product with added value by introducing new techniques and technologies, which are environmentally-friendly and energy saving.
     Increase of the reserves of raw materials is essential in order to ensure possibility of the long-term operation with high capacity. We planned to do much more for the purpose to increase raw materials and as a result, the lifetime of the operation will be extended. We see that the reserve should be increased thanks to the geological survey and prospection.


     In 2005, a productivity movement titled Productivity Improvement “Erdenet Program” has been commenced at the Mineral Processing Plant, Erdenet Mining Corporation SOE. In this framework, numbers of creative innovations and initiatives have been realized thanks to the improvements on employees’ innovative attitudes. In order to adopt this practice, a program “Khun Erdene” has been conducted successfully since 2011.
     Based on the requisites to make the new ideas and initiatives suggested by the employees as innovations, the regulation “Adoption of innovation system to Erdenet Mining Corporation SOE” has been implemented since 2003.
     Adoption of the innovation system ensures each of the employees to propose their intellectual creations or works or to give their real contributions to the productivity oriented works including production efficiency, enhancement of productivity, environmental protection, labor safety, hygienic improvement, etc.