Human resources policy is aimed at implementing the strategic objectives of the company, the optimal provision of the necessary manpower for the qualitative and quantitative terms, the creation of a favorable environment for the full utilization of the employees’ reserves performance assessment work, improvement of working conditions, social support activities and initiatives and the formation of a stable and unified team.

The following objectives are set for human resource development:

     - To adhere to the principle of coordinating the issue of supply of departments and offices with the necessary manpower to the existing situation and the prospect of unemployment
     -To reflect stable development and corporate social responsibility in policies and program of workforce development , improving the quality of knowledge and skills of the workforce of the company
     - To improve stimulus for support of labor activity, interest and personal initiative, to maintain and develop the efficiency movement, to coordinate an assessment of work with the principle of sustainable development and social responsibility
     - To implement the project of mass physical training and rehabilitation in order to reduce diseases, caused by motion deficit, increase productivity by improving the physical development of employees, development of mass physical culture and increase the number of people involved in sports
     - To implement a phased project "workplace that supports health," to further develop and implement a program of the Enterprise that supports health "in accordance with the National Health policy.
     - Assist in activities of social institutions, including orphanages, schools, kindergartens with instruction in Russian language, children's summer camp, recreation, sports complex, the Palace of Culture, hotel, catering department, a dispensary, which provide a variety of social services for company employees and local citizens.
     - Assist in activities of youth associations, women and veterans of the company to form a creative