The main functions of the Communication, information and technical automation workshop are to automate and control of technological processes of the plant, to improve and develop communication and information network based on latest technical and technological achievements and successes.
     The automated control system of the company consists of the following sub-systems: “Operative information-Balance”, “Complex operative information, conclusion”, “Registration of motion of rock mass”, “Registration of idling of main equipment”, accounting program “Era financials”, “Human resources”, “Registration of material –technical supply” for the order of materials and spare parts and control of their implementation and expenditures, export activities “ACS commercial” and management of subsidiary workshops.
     All sub-systems of the automated control system of the technological process are linked to the information system of the company that allows to all levels of management, technological workers, to obtain and control all necessary operative and result information on monthly, daily basis and by shifts.
      The main direction of future development of the automated control system of the technological process is to create a larger complex network incorporating communication system of the company, information transmission and teletransmission.