Erdenet Mining Corporation SOE was issued the certificate of ISO 14001:2004 for Environmental Management System for the first time in Mongolia. For the purpose to reduce white dust at Disposal, a program “White Dust” was developed and approved by the Minister of Environment upon discussion. Some certain measures and activities, included in the local or company’s plans, have been conducted, according to the approved program, such as approaches grabbing the dust with dark earth soil and wetting the dust over with waste water.
     Erdenet Mining Corporation SOE has been conducting rehabilitation at the site of bare rock heap No. 3, Open-pit mine, since 2007; planting up and turf over 18 hectare area and over 15000 trees and bushes; and conducting and controlling company’s and local regional environment using mobile laboratory installed at Gazel vehicle, equipped with up-to-date and high precision machine-tools and instruments for chemical, chemical-physical measurement and analyses.