The Power Energy Unit has been functioning and serving plants in Erdenet city, entities and population with running water supply, sewerage services, supply of recycling water to Erdenet Mining Corporation SOE, as well as supply of oxygen and acetylene required for production.

     Every year, the unit extracts and distributes 20-21 million cubic meters of water for the consumption of population of Erdenet city, entities or technological needs of Erdenet Mining Corporation SOE. Also it treats and purifies 8-9 million cubic meters of sewage water purifying percentage of 96-98% per annum.

     Moreover, the unit supplies technological water amount of 70-74 million m3 to Erdenet Mining Corporation SOE from the artificial pond, as well as it produces and has been supplying with 34-36 thousand tons of acetylene and 116-118 m3 thousand oxygen and nitrogen for the consumption of Erdenet Mining Corporation SOE and the entities in Erdenet city.






     Erdenet Mining Corporation consumes an average of approx. 760 kW million of electrical energy annually via a major distribution network equipped with 94.4 km of cable lines, 37.4 km of overhead lines, over 480 circuit breakers, approx. 2000 other unit riggings, as well as sub-stations installed with the capacity of 374.6 mW of 6-110 kW, belonging to Electrical Unit.






Thermal Power Plant

     Thermal power station was commissioned in 1976.
     The plant has 6 boilers БКЗ-75-39 ФБ capable to produce 75 tons of steam per hour with the atmospheric pressure 39 ata each and heat of 435OC. It has the projected hourly capacity to produce 450 tons of steam with the foresaid parameters. The projected capacity of heat is 310 Gcal/h. During the early years, it supplied the whole Erdenet city with heat. Since 1988, it supplied the steam heat and hot water to Erdenet Mining Corporation, as well as the technological demand of the entities and building structures in the industrial area. Annual 370 thousand gcal. of power heating has been distributed by the plant. It comprises heat lines over 82.8 km for providing consumers with heat.
     In 2012, the plant is expanded as a thermoelectric plant by installing and launching 2 pieces of turbine generators having capacity of 2.5 MWt from Dresser Rand, USA.