One of the main production units of the Erdenet Mining Corporation SOE - Geology and Prospecting Department was officially established in 1981 as an independent department. In order to realize tasks to increase raw materials reserves of ore of the plant, the department is conducting prospecting works in the ore area as well as is carrying out geological and hydro geological works, works on repair of wells at the leading level in Orkhon province.
     The department has sufficient basis of machinery, technology and production to conduct drilling in all types of deposits in any geological conditions. Our staff has achieved successes by renewing machinery and technological fleet with latest machinery from Atlas Copco, Sweden, Longer-38, Japan, NL- 55, DE-810, Sandvik,
     The creative staff of the department during prospecting works carried out drilling of prospecting borehole of 1000 m deep, a borehole with engineering and geological purposes up to 300 m with an inclination of 450 and two boreholes of 866 m and 936 m deep that were the first cases in the history of minerals of Mongolia. As a result of geological and prospecting works within the period of 1981-1989, the department put in commission low-grade ore reserves of 6730 thousand tons of copper and 200 thousand of molybdenum with total ore of 1885 tons.      Today the department is conducting intensive prospecting works to determine detailed ore reserves of Erdenet Mining Corporation SOE on yearly and 5-year basis and changes of technological types and quality as well as prospecting of the coal deposit Ulaan-Ovoo located in the territory of Tushig sum, Selenge province. The department has carried out a large amount of blasting and drilling works in the north-eastern zone of the tailings pool in order to create reserves of crushed stone for increasing the dam height of the Tailings Section of the Flotation Plant.
     The crushing workshop of the department has been fully equipped with all necessary latest equipment designed for preparation, processing of rock samples and their transfer to chemical analysis.
     The Geology and Prospecting Department is carrying out immediate and high-quality works on drilling boreholes in sand deposits for decoration of buildings, in gravel and rock deposits for road and construction, as well as special purpose engineering-geological and hydrogeological boreholes on the orders from other workshops and departments of the company.
     The structure of the department consists of administration, geological unit, labor safety, environment section, drilling section, repair section and electrical section.
     The Geology and Prospecting Department is working according to the development program “Conception 2010-2012” to realize tasks to discover new deposits, to complete research of deposits in relation of which preliminary prospecting was carried out, but reserves were not determined fully and to hand them over to the state reserves commission. The department pays more attention on the discovery and use of deposits of construction materials in connection with expansion of construction works.