Erdmin Co.,Ltd
     Mission of the company: Manufacture high-quality products using pure technology in healthy and safe environment

     First in 1994, at the initiative of ex-General Director Sh.Otgonbileg of Erdenet Mining Corporation SOE, ‘’Erdenet Concern’’ LLC of Mongolia and ‘‘RMC’’ of the USA signed an agreement to build experimental plant to manufacture pure copper cathode by using weakened solution of sulfur acid from low-grade ore piles of Erdenet Mining Corporation SOE.
     On the 13th of February, 1997 it was officially opened and started to officially manufacture the products. Thus, ‘Erdenet Minerals Solution’ or ‘Erdmin’ LLC was officially registered according to the Company law, having received rights to use waste and low-grade ore piles of Erdenet Mining Corporation SOE for 40 years.
     ‘‘BKS’’ company, USA and the designing department of Erdenet Mining Corporation SOE designed the plant’s design and construction work was carried out by ‘‘Stroyinvest’’, a joint company of Mongolia and Russia.
     A well-known company in many countries, ‘‘Alex Steward Assayers’’ of England confirmed the quality of manufactured cathode copper. The cathode copper quality is +99,999% of purity that meets “A” grade quality requirements of London Metal Exchange.
In 2006, the company has introduced an international quality management system standard ISO9001:2000.
“Erdmin” runs their activity with 110 Mongolian workers.

Projects and programs
     • In 2005 it implemented the project of a plant to produce 8 mm diameter rolled copper by smelting cathode copper.
     • In 2007, a project to produce various diameter copper wires.
     • Since 2008, it has been implementing a project to produce coated copper wires for construction and electric assembly and power cable.
     • Now it has been conducting research to manufacture copper plates, new products with added value from copper.
     • It has also developed a project of factory with manufacturing capacity of 25 tons cathode copper in collaboration with EMC.

a. Current products
   No    Product name                Standard                       Capacity                Note
   1      Cathode copper             MNS 4501:97                2750 t/year           99,999
                                                                                                                              pure copper
   2      Rolled copper                 MNS 4738:2005           2000t/year            8mm pure
                                                                                                                              copper wires
   3      Copper wire                                                             3800 m/year         Various
   4      Electric copper wires     MNS 5932:2009
                                                      MNS 5933:2009           3800 m/year          PV, PPV, VVG types
                                                                                                                               copper core
b. New products
   5      Electric copper wires KG, KPSG, RPSH, KNR, PV3, PV4, PVS, PVKV, PV, TRP, PRPPM, VPV, and
            PVA types flexible cables with copper core

     - Chamber of Commerce (1998-5-4)
     - Metallurgy association /1999-10-8/
     - National mining association /2001-4-9/
     - Flotators’ association /2001-10-3/

Successes of the company
     - Named continuously since 2001 as “One of the best 100 national companies” according to the work results.
     - “Trustworthy taxpayer” certificate of honor from the National Tax Department of Mongolia
     - “Leading taxpayer” certificate of honor and was awarded a right to hang the title “Trustworthy taxpayer”
     - Named as one of the top 10 companies of Orkhon province several times and received a right to hoist a flag on honored rostrum
     - Cathode copper was selected as “The best product” of Orkhon province.
     - A certificate of honor from the National Center of Standardization and Metrology
     - Copper wire was selected as “The best product that replaced imported product of Mongolia”.

     RSTS Co.,Ltd 

      The “RSTS” Co., Ltd. of Erdenet Mining Corporation SOE was first established in 1979 as a Construction and repair unit, and since then it is working uninterruptedly for 31 years as a chief construction entity for the company and the city of Erdenet of Orkhon province.
     This company employs 210 nos. highly qualified personnel and among them 25 technical engineers and 2 foreign specialists; it constructs and maintains roads, squares, channels, culverts, equipment and buildings of the Erdenet Mining Corporation SOE, and thus is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the main factory.
     The “RSTS” Co, Ltd. (otherwise to be decrypted as remontno-stroitelny tsekh – maintenance and construction unit) consists of 3 main departments: construction and maintenance, electricity and sanitary engineering and metalwork; the company also operates a supplementary carpentry, concrete mixing units.
     The “RSTS” Co, Ltd. is operating from 2007 in a form of a subsidiary branch of the Erdenet Mining Corporation SOE and has 2.9 billion tugriks of main capital and 1.6 billion tugriks of working capital.

     Erdsulj Co.,Ltd

     Our workshop was established in 1991 as “Sewing workshop” of the Erdenet Mining Corporation SOE to provide 4 season working clothes for company’s workers. Since 2005 the workshop started to function as a Daughter Company of the Erdenet Mining Corporation SOE by expanding its activities and today our company becomes one of the leading companies in the field due to its capacity.
     Our company annually produces about 20 thousand nos. of clothes of 80 types. The company produces not only working clothes but also daily, business, ceremonial and festive clothes.
     Besides the clothes suited to the body features and interests of Mongolian people, sharp climatic conditions, consumers also prefer clothes fitting their bodies depending on their professional features.
     Therefore, our specialists strive to sew and supply working clothes for all types of profession, suited to field, industrial features and styles of customers and individuals and we received an honorary title of pioneer in the field by producing clothes of special purpose and professional clothes.
      During the period of 18 years of cooperation with our customers, we fully satisfied their demands and needs and improved production technology, structure and quality.
      The main factor of the successes is the trust of the customers and our high-qualified specialists and seamstresses who take the high responsibility. We are working with a task to improve the qualification and skills of our workers.