Ore body of the copper-molybdenum deposit in the “Erdenetiin-Ovoo” stretches to the west from the east, 25 km in the length and 1.5-3 km in the width and consists of 4 main parts.

     The length of pit in the primary mining is approx. 2500 m, the width is approx.1500 m, the lowest level is 1265 m and the depth has been reached up to 120 m. The top of the mount was 1606m from the sea level in the initial period of operation. The pit is planned to have the ledge height of 15 m, the sidewall of 370-420, bench of 30 m and the least stripping area of 50 m.

      The ore body of copper-molybdenum consists of the minerals including chalcosine (Cu2S), chalcopyrite (CuFeS2), turquoise, bornite (Cu5FeS4), brochantite (Cu4SO4(OH)6), azurite (Cu3(CO3)2(OH)2), molybdenite (MoS2), delafossite (CuFeO2), tenorite (CuO), sericite and other minerals.

     Today LIEBHERR-994B hydraulic excavators from Germany, chain excavators including ЭКГ-10 and ЭКГ-15 from Russia operate for the mining works and drilling machine СБШ-250 MHA-32 are used for drilling.

     Chain and wheeled bulldozers such as Liebherr PK-764, Komatsu D-275A, WD-500, Caterpillar 824G, wheeled loaders L-581, WA 800, WA 600 and, motograders GD-825, CAT 16G etc., from USA, Japan, and Germany are used for spoil heap, road construction and repair for technological haulage.

      A powerful maintenance centre is running to perform all kinds of repair of mining equipment. The open pit annually produces 15000 tons of water resistant emulsion explosives.

     Australian “Orika Exsel” has been used for blasting and since 2009, the blasting has been conducted using the remote control blasting devices and apparatus from “Rothenbuhler engineering”, USA.