Concentration Plant is the main production unit with technological circuits including ore crushing, grinding, flotation, filtration drying, and shipping of the copper and molybdenum concentrates.

     Two technological lines for ore preparation are operated in this plant. The first line is capable to process 20.5 million tons of ore per year and it crushes ore in three stages using cone crushers and conveys the crushed ore for 2-stage grinding processes using mills МШЦ 5.5 х 6.5, МШЦ 5.8 х 6.9 and МШЦ 3.2 х 4.5.

     The second line is autogenic grinding section with the annual capacity to receive 5 million tons of ore for grinding.
The future commissioning of the Section 6 enables us to process 35 million tons of ore per annum.

      Ore is crushed using jaw crushers and grinded by the autogenic grinder MMC-90x30 having the volume 160 cubic meters in the first stage and by the ball mill МШЦ 5.5 х 6.5 with the volume 140 cubic meters in the second stage and the grinded ore goes to the grinding enrichment section autogenously in the form of pulp.

      Ore processing technology is operated in collective flotation methods and the copper and molybdenum concentrate is extracted using separation process. Waste pulp from the concentration process is compressed to the disposal pond. The precipitated water in the pond is recycled for technological processes.

      Concentration Plant produces copper and molybdenum concentrates which meet international standards.