Auto Transportation Department comprises 3 main sections including technological haulage, all variety vehicles and special purpose vehicles or machineries as well as 3 auto repair services for vehicles.

      The department employs over 830 workers. It operates with over 290 vehicles of different models, including heavy load trucks BeLAZ-75131with capacity of 130 tons and all kinds of cars for performing transportation services including haulage of ore mass, transporting the employees to the industrial sites, repair or maintenance or cleaning of roads and areas, piling spoil banks or heaps as well as transporting freight and materials required for production operation.

     The technological haulage section transports 17.9 million m3 of mining mass and has a freight turnover of 150 million tons/km per annum. The all variety vehicle section and special purpose vehicles and machinery section perform works of 474.9 thousand machine/hours annually.

      For service and maintenance purposes, a German technology “Tip-Top” for over-size tire-repairs and restoration was adopted and the Technical Diagnostics Centre for BELAZ dump trucks, Lubricants Spectral Analytical Laboratory, high compressors Mark-Cummins for engine fuel, and stand to inspect or adjust air-jet or engine fuel are operated.

For the last years, the auto transportation facility has introduced the following into the operation:
   • Stand used for checking and calibrating fuel high pressure pump and spray jet of Cummins type motors;
   • Equipment used for testing, calibrating or repairing of feeding systems;
   • Auto Service equipped with equipments or devices from Italy and Belgium;
   • Fully automatic car wash;
   • VIST system used for monitoring and controlling remotely using satellite system; and
   • Auto tracker system used for controlling using mobile network.