Content Date
Erdenet Mining Corporation workers are overfulfilling their planned work 2016-10-14
А new 7-th pump installed in Tailings section 2016-06-24
A Drilling machine model SBSH-250 put into operation 2016-06-15
Mongols head to Erdenet for the treatment 2016-05-13
Erdenet Mining Corporation highly appreciated Engineers’ intellectual creations 2016-05-10
Erdenet Mining Corporation again takes a lead in the list of TOP-100 companies 2016-04-29
"Erdenet Mining corporation started to produce new products to replace imports 2015-11-05
Leaders, which have initiated good ideas held a forum 2015-11-03
Erdenet Mining Corporation’s expansion - 2015 2015-10-07
Erdenet Mining Corporation’s expansion - 2015 2015-07-06
Good deeds by women creates the decent environment 2014-11-13
Cooperation between Erdenet Mining Corporation and Samsung Corporation expands 2014-09-17
Opening of “Shim Technology” LLC 2014-09-05
“Safe Employees” in OSH 2014-08-10
1000 Engineers of Erdenet Mining Corporation consult 2014-06-16
Smart control system is designed for ore processing 2014-05-26
Replacement of crusher 2014-05-16
Armor for cone crushers in manufacturing by the order of Oyu Tolgoi 2014-05-04
Mobile Application Availability for information of production processes 2014-04-10
Reoperation of molybdenum producing venture “Shim technology” 2014-03-28
Conference “Safety First-2014” in Erdenet 2014-03-28
Observation over OHS standards and practicals at the mining sector in Germany 2014-03-28
Introduction of new equipment used for absorbing smoke, dust and toxic gas at the Machinery repair Plant 2014-02-19
Mongolian Miners discuss the occupational safety issues in Erdenet 2014-02-18
Open-pit mine introduces new software 2014-02-17
Named the leading units and safe employees 2014-02-06
An employee is entitled not to perform any of unsafe works 2014-01-21
Signing of Collective Agreement 2014-01-16
Happy new year! 2013-12-31
Scientific and practical conference was the last event dedicated to the 35th anniversary of Erdenet Mining Corporation 2013-12-19
The 50th meeting of the Board of Erdenet Mining LLC held 2013-12-11
A meeting of the pioneers of Erdenet city held 2013-11-28
Erdenet Mining Corporation is the best Tax Payer in Russian federation 2013-11-13
Reclamation works are carried out to suppress white dust 2013-10-28
Dam M2 commissioned in the tailings facility 2013-10-22
The first motor of the mill #1 replacement 2013-10-14
EMC’s celebration becomes a holiday dedicated to ordinary employees 2013-08-23
Respect towards Russian specialists 2013-08-21
EMC intends to be a vanguard company adopting rehabilitation and green policy 2013-08-20
“Order of the Red Banner of Labor Meritorious” goes to Erdenet Mining Corporation 2013-08-19
Greeting 2013-08-15
An expert from Canada to EMC 2013-06-20
EMC participates in the ICT Expo-2013 2013-05-31
Mongolia Mining Expo 2013 2013-05-04
“Honored Metallurgist” of Russian Federation goes to Mr. Fomenko A.P. 2013-05-03
Erdenet Mining Corporation leads the TOP-150 Entrepreneurs 2013-04-25
Board Session 49 of Erdenet Mining Corporation 2013-04-24
Meeting “Erdenet-35” 2013-04-09
Collective flotation machines at the Section 6 are replaced 2013-03-26
Good 5 deeds 2013-03-04
Names on the Book of Honor for reputation 2013-02-22
Labor Champions and Premiere Employees of the year 2012 Erdenet mining Corporation 2013-02-21
Thermal Plant of Erdenet Mining Corporation starts to produce electricity 2013-01-15