• Bid invitation
Name of the consulting service: “Complex research for geotechnical condition of integrated open pit mine”


(Consulting service – legal entities)

Erdenet Mining Corporation invites consulting organizations to submit proposals for providing consulting services for the geotechnical complex research in connection with increasing the ore reserve, open pit mine extension and safety requirement of equipments for implementation of  IPCC system in 2020. The goal of the consulting service is field and short course training, laboratory analysis, report and development based on software.

A Consultant may obtain a partnership or a subcontractor for purpose of increasing skills. Consulting legal entities will be short listed by the following criteria:

The procuring entity shall provide a detailed list consisting of the legal entity submitting its proposal pursuant to Article 36.5.4 of the law. For top management consultants or partnerships, key consultants must have experience performing the work. The Consultant shall provide information on the ability to perform the service (such as articles, similar work experience and their performance, the ability of the workforce, the patent holding the copyright required to perform the work, and any other details of the experience).

The interested applicants must send the bid applications by the following address or the following emails before 11 am on 21th of July 2017 by Ulaanbaatar time and to get additional information for technical assignment.

61027, Mongolia, Orkhon province, Bayan-Undur sum, Friendship sq-1,
Administration building-2, ErdenetMining Corporation 1st floor, room 116
Tel: 01352-73809, Mobile: 99351265
E-mail: altangerel_hrl@erdenetmc.mn
Senior engineer of Development department B.Altangerel



Two stage open bidding (2013/10/09 – 2013/10/20)

Letter of INVITATION FOR bidS 


Procuring Entity Name

Erdenet Mining Corporation LLC


Invitation For

Design, Delivery,  Supply, Installation, Testing, Commissioning and Training of In Pit Crashing and Conveying system with related civil works on turnkey basis.


Invitation Ref No.:

№ IBH13/-01-05



October 09, 2013



Procurement Method:

Two stage open Bidding                                           



Brief Description of EMC

Erdenet Mining Corporation LLC is Mongolian and  Russian joint venture   and has been operating since 1978 producing copper and molybdenum concentrate from the Erdenetiin Ovoo ore body.   The mine currently uses with 130 ton capacity   classic trucks and shovel operation that processing  25 million tons ore per year and the intention is to increase this to 35 million. The pit is currently approximately 2.5 by 1.5 km at ground level and approximately 135 m deep. Maximum compressive strength of rock material 150 Mpа.



Tender Document Last Selling Date:

 October  20, 2013


Tender Closing Date and Time:

 November 15, 2013, 10:00 AM local time in Mongolia


Tender Opening Date and Time:

 November 15, 2013, 11:00 AM  local time in Mongolia


Tender valid date :

Tendershall remainvalidfor forty (40) days after date oftender opening.


Name & Addresses of  the Offices for :


Selling Tender Document :

Erdenet Mining corporation LLC
Amariin Square 1.
General Adminsration building 1
Room No110 at  1st  floor
Orkhon province, Bayan-Undur soum
(Erdenet city) 61000, Mongolia.
Tel : (976)-01352-73722; 9935-1236
Fax: (976)-01352-73995
E-mail : narmandakh@erdenetmc.mn

Receiving Tender Document :

Tender Document(s) will be received in  room No110 at  1st  floor  of Genearal Administarative building 1., Amariin square.  Orkhon province, Bayan-Undur soum,  (Erdenet city) 61000, Mongolia

Opening Tender Document :

Tender will be opened in the in  Meeting hall at  2nd  floor of Genearal Administarative building 1., Amariin square.  Orkhon province, Bayan-Undur soum,  (Erdenet city) 61000, Mongolia


Brief  Description of Goods & Works

Design, Delivery, Supply, Installation, Testing, Commissioning Training on turnkey basis of In Pit Crushing and Conveying system, including semi-mobile crushers, apron feeder, transporter, conveyor systems, distribution device and conveyor belts with related civil works.


Price of Tender Document (US$.)

  Non-refundable fee 1 000 000 tugrik or equivalent amount of  US dollar.


Bank Account

Beneficiary’s name:                “Erdenet Mining Corporation” LLC

Beneficiary’s account number:     499-025-776

Beneficiary’s bank name:             Trade and Development Bank of

                                                       Mongolia in Ulaanbaatar

SWIFT:                                         TDBMMNUB

Correspondent account number:     0000 304 298

Correspondent bank address:         HSBC BANK, NEW YORK, USA

SWIFT:                                           MRMDUS33


Lot No

Identification of  Lot


Tender Security Amount in US$

Completion Time in weeks/months


Design, Delivery, Supply, Installation, Testing, Commissioning Training on Turnkey basis of In Pit Crashing and Conveying system with related civil works.

Genearal Administarative building 1., Amariin square.  Orkhon province, Bayan-Undur soum,  (Erdenet city) 61000, Mongolia

Bid security in the amount of one percent (1%) of the bid price.

24 months


Contact Details of Official Inviting Tender

Phone: Tel : (976)-01352-73722,  Fax: (976)-01352-73995,
Mobile : 9935-1236 E-mail : narmandakh@erdenetmc.mn  ;


Special instructions

a.  Tenderer’s authorized  representatives are allowed  to attend the  opening of tenders.
b.   Interested Tenderer(s) may obtain further information at the address above during normal office hours.
c.   If the tender submission is not possible on the last date fixed in the tender notice due to unavoidable circumstances the tender submission date will automatically shifted to the next working day at the same time & same place.


The Procuring Entity reserves the right to accept or reject any or all the Tender(s) without assigning any reasons what so ever.